Principles for Living


From ancient words indicating first grasp, the word principle means origin, source, beginning; rule of conduct, basic assumption.  

It is from Latin meaning a beginning, origin, first part.

Principles for Living offers ancient principles in easy to digest concepts and may serve as a principal starting point for determining your own principles for living.


This page serves as a table of contents to take you directly to the principle noted.  Just click on the link to read the short posting.


Principles for Living: 2) Don’t Cut the Divine Out of Your Life

Principles for Living: 3) Seek the Heart of Justice

Principles for Living: 4) Don’t Seek Destruction

Principles for Living: 5) Don’t JUST Seek Your Own Pleasure

Principles for Living: 6) Don’t Seek to Rob Another’s Pleasure

Principles for Living: 7) Don’t Maim and Animal for Food, be Merciful to it

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