Monday, June 27, 2022

Precepts for Living: Authority

Submit to authority

"Now wait a minute!" many will say.  Submission to authority is a negative and not a positive.

Submit is "to yield one's self" and is from Latin words meaning under and let go, send

Submission is letting go and allowing.

Authority is from Latin word auctor meaning master, leader, author and which should not be confused with actor indicating "to do, perform."

Precepts for Living: Meeting needs

 Live in and meet the needs of reality.

Meet the needs of those who need it.

Be aware of, and meet the needs of yourself.

Monday, June 6, 2022

Protocols for Living: 10) Never Desire to Destroy Another's Reality

As we discussed in Protocols for Living: 2) Live in Reality and Protocols for Living: 3) Be Careful with What is Realreality is real existence and the aggregate of all that is real.

Each individual has their own perception of that which constitutes their reality.  

To destroy another's perception of reality is to destroy their reality.  It shakes the very foundation of their world.  Now, there may

be times where such foundations need shaking, but maliciously seeking to destroy someone's perception of reality is a harmful thing to seek.

A good protocol for living is to never seek to destroy another's reality. Like killing it is a destruction from which some never really recover.

Protocols for Living: 9) Never Present Unreality as Reality


As we discussed in Protocols for Living: 2) Live in Reality and Protocols for Living: 3) Be Careful with What is Real, reality is real existence and the aggregate of all that is real.  

Unreal is that with is not real, or that which is actually existing or having physical existence.  

To live that which is unreal is a false.  False is from a Latin word meaning "deceptive, feigned, deceitful, pretend, deceived, erroneous, mistaken."  It is the past participle of fallere meaning "deceive, disappoint" and "to trip, cause to fall."  Humanity has LONG deceived itself believing that their spirit is removed from the Spirit of God (or vice versa).  It is not coincidence that the word for such deception is fall.  

A good protocol for living is don't contribute to someone's fall by presenting unreality as if were reality.

Protocols for Living: 8) Never Steal

"Midnight requisitions”, taking, getting, extended “borrowing”, pilfering, swiping, and more.  These are euphemisms for stealing.  

To steal is is to take and carry off clandestinely and without right or permission.  It is from an ancient word meaning the same thing.

Stealing is a lack of respect (regard, or looking at and observing another).  To take what others claim as their own without the right to do so, or the other’s permission is, simply put, disrespectful.  It is demeaning (lowering the dignity of) and degrading (depriving the dignity) of others, and basically communicates “I am more important that you and you don’t matter.”  It does NOT promote building a society of trust, peace and security.

Just look about you at the cities and neighborhoods where there is no trust, no respect, no lifting up of others and you will find death, misery, theft, debasement, discouragement, and more negative feelings, emotions, and results.

Respect, an observation and regard for others, is the foundation of a civilization.  Without it a civilization crumbles.

A good protocol for living is to “never steal."


Protocols for Living: 7) Dance with your own partner


To dance is a “succession of steps and movements” and as the image below notes “everything in the universe has rhythm.  Everything dances.”  Life as we know it is a succession of steps and movements.  

Most people are aware of this protocol through its reference to adultery. 

From Latin prefix meaning “to" and a suffix meaning “alter” indicating “beyond other” the word adulteration is akin to adultery,  referring to “a state of begin debased by mixture with something else.”

A good protocol for living is to take the steps of life without debasing yourself by mixing your purity with something impure.