Monday, June 6, 2022

Protocols for Living: 9) Never Present Unreality as Reality


As we discussed in Protocols for Living: 2) Live in Reality and Protocols for Living: 3) Be Careful with What is Real, reality is real existence and the aggregate of all that is real.  

Unreal is that with is not real, or that which is actually existing or having physical existence.  

To live that which is unreal is a false.  False is from a Latin word meaning "deceptive, feigned, deceitful, pretend, deceived, erroneous, mistaken."  It is the past participle of fallere meaning "deceive, disappoint" and "to trip, cause to fall."  Humanity has LONG deceived itself believing that their spirit is removed from the Spirit of God (or vice versa).  It is not coincidence that the word for such deception is fall.  

A good protocol for living is don't contribute to someone's fall by presenting unreality as if were reality.

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