Precepts: Meeting needs

Live in and meet the needs of reality.

Meet the needs of those who need it.

Be aware of, and meet the needs of yourself.

As we reviewed in Protocols for Living: Live in Reality, while there is one reality, there a many perceptions of reality and people create what it is that they desire to perceive.  We need to live in and meet the needs of reality, that is we need to recognize the various realities that people are creating and then do what is needed.  Sometimes that may be participating, sometimes that may be walking away, but we should always be on the lookout for how we might help to meet the needs of other's realities.

Likewise, we need to be aware of and meet the needs of our selves as well.  We can't just always look out for others, we must also "look out" for ourselves as well.  This is the balancing act that makes life such a "learning experience."

This precept might be summarized as: "Be aware of the realities about you.  Be aware of the needs of your own reality.  Help others meet their needs where you may do so."

Meeting needs is a good precept for living.