Monday, June 6, 2022

Protocols for Living: 8) Never Steal

"Midnight requisitions”, taking, getting, extended “borrowing”, pilfering, swiping, and more.  These are euphemisms for stealing.  

To steal is is to take and carry off clandestinely and without right or permission.  It is from an ancient word meaning the same thing.

Stealing is a lack of respect (regard, or looking at and observing another).  To take what others claim as their own without the right to do so, or the other’s permission is, simply put, disrespectful.  It is demeaning (lowering the dignity of) and degrading (depriving the dignity) of others, and basically communicates “I am more important that you and you don’t matter.”  It does NOT promote building a society of trust, peace and security.

Just look about you at the cities and neighborhoods where there is no trust, no respect, no lifting up of others and you will find death, misery, theft, debasement, discouragement, and more negative feelings, emotions, and results.

Respect, an observation and regard for others, is the foundation of a civilization.  Without it a civilization crumbles.

A good protocol for living is to “never steal."


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