Saturday, May 21, 2022

Protocols for Living: 5) Respect your Elders

Respect those who have gone before you.

Respect is to “look at” and to “look back at.”  Give attention to is another way of identifying the word respect.

Many cultures seek to honor their ancestors and those with experience who came before.

The word elder arises from Old English referring to an older person, parent, ancestor, chief or prince, or one have authority in the community.  Other languages describe this as parents.

More than just parents elder basically can be summarized as “those who have gone before you and have experience (wisdom).

In an age where “elders” of all kinds–parents, old folks, and authorities–are being disrespected by the popular culture, it still makes great sense to have respect for your elders–those who have gone before you. They just may be able to impart some wisdom for living that you might learn.

A good protocol for living is to give attention to those who have come before you. You just might gain from their experiences (wisdom) in dealing with your own life journey.

Respect your elders.

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