Thursday, May 26, 2022

Protocols for Living: 6) Building up and Demolition

Never destroy without legal purpose.  

This protocol from “thou shalt not kill”, references the destruction of life. To destroy is from Latin meaning tear down, demolish, literally “un-build.” 

Legal is “of or pertaining to the law”, and law in Indo-Eurpopean words are most commonly from verbs for to put, place, set, lay. Words for law in the general sense mostly mean “what is right” and often are connected with adjective for “right”.  These are often figurative uses of words for straight, upright, true, fitting, or usage or custom.

So we are admonished to never un-build something without it being set in place as something agreed upon as right, true, or fitting.

Perhaps stated most simply, this protocol admonishes us to don’t “un-build” what is not yours to unbuild.  And life refers to more than just the living being, it includes the thoughts, actions, attitudes, and more, that the living being pursues or holds.  

Destruction and demolition are often associated with unthinking actions. Unthinking thoughts and actions can have the same destructive effects of demolition.

Seek to build up rather than to demolish.  Demolish only after thoughtful action and consideration by the society.

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