Protocols: 1) Love God, Others, Self

A protocol is acting in accordance or agreement with a certain standard, model, or original.  In our case principles for living.

The first protocol for living is to LOVE.  

Love God. Love others. Love Self.  

The love referred to here is a care or desire to elevate the good of others above personal gratification. It is more about giving (bestowing) than it is getting or taking (seizing, or grasping).

The first protocol is, basically, care. Have a concern, pay attention and give attention to, God, others and self.  It is a good protocol to bestow your care to God; to bestow your care of others to them; to bestow upon your self the care that you need.

For most it is easier said that done. It is easier to grasp, hold, and use than it is to give, grow, and bestow.  

"Give a care."