Friday, May 20, 2022

Protocols for Living: 4) Remember to Rest

Regularly rest within reality.

Rest is an intermission of labor, metal peace, a state of quiet or repose.  Rest also carries the meaning of to keep, cause to continue to remain.

We are told that “God rested” on the seventh day of creation.  We are told that God is one and that God is.  If God took an intermission of labor, assumed mental peace, and/or a state of quiet repose to keep and cause to remain, shouldn’t we? 

While operating within reality it is important to remember to rest

It is important to rest regularly. Cease your labor and your struggles.  Find mental peace and quiet repose.  Remain in reality and continue; choose to, at regular intervals, rest.  

Remain in reality and seek mental peace. It is a good model to emulate.  

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